The Thistle Pub

A wee slice of Scotland


As many of you know, The Thistle Pub fell victim to a fire at the end of last year. But with the New Year having just turned the corner, we are celebrating new beginnings! Come and celebrate the reopening of the pub where we can say thank you to our loyal regulars and welcome the newcomers. Grab a pint and stay for the music because the lovely Ellen Quinn Banville & Finola Cahill will be performing all through the night!

Welcome !


Located in the heart of Paris, The Thistle tends to the tradition of public houses with pride and generosity. Whether you be fresh afoot on Parisian soil, passing through on a layover, or looking for an oasis of anglophilia, The Thistle opens its doors wide to you. In 2015 we look forward to continuing our tradition of hospitality and a promise of always keeping that glass half full.

Pub Quiz

The Quiz Is held every Sunday @ 8

The aim of it all is just a bit of trivia fun. Teams of 6 of less are welcome. The Winners get a bottle of Alcohol and 2nd place team get a round of shots. There are 40 questions (music, history, sports, literature, currents events) and one photo round.